Giving You Marketing Power!

At Add Advice, our mission is to help our customers make informed marketing decisions in the global marketplace.

What we do

With us you have the freedom to choose whatever media suits your brand and product. Or combine several media to meet the needs of your strategy.

Digital Advertising

We do it all. Some examples: videos, banners, apps, take-overs, wall-papers, audio, podcasts and cpc. 

Impact, performance and conversion driven, building the brand or upscaling your sales. Your target is our focus.

Social Media

TikTok, X, YouTube, Reddit, Tinder or wherever your audience is, we will get you there.
If you need a boost by influencers we can take care of that too, or if you want us to take care of the production.

Out of Home

Reach your target when they are in the right mindset or environment.

While driving, shopping, dining, having a drink at the bar, walking on the streets, waiting for the bus or in the subway; we have the solutions.


Rank high in the organic search listings on e.g. Google and Bing.

We do native articles and texts, links and linkbuilding with serious publishing houses.

PPC, ads and shopping are of course also part of our service.

Who we are

We are a team of individuals who have worked across a large number of various industries internationally, both buying and selling media, and both planning and executing marketing campaigns.

We are data driven and focus on our clients’ KPIs, without forgetting the importance of building and strengthening brands. 

We are personally committed, and you will always have one dedicated point of contact.

Whether you want to do digital media, programmatic, native/content, in-app marketing, or outdoor advertising, we are your one-stop shop. We are totally independent, so there is no interest for us to propose something that is not optimal for you.

Welcome to a world of better marketing campaigns!

Some Media We Love Working With...

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